What’s the Point of Traveling?


When I was in high-school, me and my colleagues had to write, as a homework for English class,  a short essay on the importance of traveling. I don’t exactly remember what my teacher thought of my homework or even what grade I got, but one of the few things I remember about that day is that more than 90% of my colleagues, including myself, used as an ending line, the following words: ‘Traveling broadens our horizons’. It sounded really smart at that time.

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Hemingway on Writing


For the last couple of days I read one of the books that spoke to me most. That book was ‘Ernest Hemingway on Writing’ an anthology of letters, interviews, etc gathered by Larry W. Phillips. I previously read Anne Lamott popular advice for writers little book and I wasn’t very impressed. Don’t get me wrong, Anne Lamott offers some valuable tips to all of us, rookie writers, but her style wasn’t for me. Moreover, I tried to read one of her novels and while the main guidelines were respected, the book did not appeal to me.

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Damaged, the story of depressed perfectionist


You feel like falling down*, you don’t know what to do and you go with the wind. You know you have to make a change but you don’t know how. Time passes but you don’t know how to tackle things and situations, you do what you think is best for you. You feel like your life is defined by a single thing and you feel like a failure. You are disappointed of yourself. When you are face to face with a challenge or problem you deal with it as a loser and not as a winner. When you have a success you believe you weren’t worth it and that it was luck or faith. When it comes to a failure, you believed you deserve it. You want to believe that change is brought by a new pen, perfume or something superficial like this. When you see this doesn’t happen, you are disappointed. You hope for the better, but you’re doing nothing.

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