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Bun de citit în weekend #60

3 weeks ago

432 words

bun de citit în weekend silvia patriche

De-ale mele Săptămâna asta am scris despre cărțile citite în ultimele săptămâni: Read People: Understand behaviour. Expertly communicate: 20 thought-provoking lessons (care a fost lansată pe 3 mai) și Jewish Radical Feminism: Voices from the Women’s Liberation Movement (lansată pe 4 mai). Mi-au plăcut mult, în special a doua care vorbește de o serie de…

A short history of Jewish Radical Feminism

4 weeks ago

752 words

This could be an alternative title to Joyce Antler latest book, Jewish Radical Feminism: Voices from the Women’s Liberation Movement, a short encyclopedia New York University Press offered me this book for review in exchange for an honest review of Jewish women that had a crucial role in the American feminist movement, both through mainstream…

How can we read people? Rita Carter offers some suggestions

4 weeks ago

630 words

Rita Carter is the author of nine books about the science of the brain as per Goodreads. She is also a producer BBC and renowned for her writing on human brain and the compelling documentary Why Reading Matters, which you can see for free on YouTube. By chance, she had a talk at TEDx Cluj…