Embrace Stress

Whether we are employed or unemployed, we are exposed to one of our worst enemies: stress. But what is stress, is there a good stress and what can we do to embrace the good kind and kick out the bad?

What is stress?

Physiologically speaking stress is our response to an unknown stimulus. What we do when we face a challenge. When faced with stress, our brain reacts with a fight or flight response. Viewed with positive and negative outcomes, stress affects both our physical and mental well-being.

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Books or eBooks – a personal opinion

Since I can remember, I loved reading and being read to, when I haven’t learned to read yet( around the age of 5 year-old). My mom used to read me from a huge fairytale book of Brothers Grimm. Later on, when I learned to read a little, I remember I used to read a books with fairies for more than 10 times. I don’t know what I found so fascinating if I already knew how the story ended. Even now, after more than 10 years, I can still feel my fingers on a short story of the three pigs translated into French. The colors, the musicality of the words, and the covers made the experience almost magical.

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What’s the Point of Traveling?

When I was in high-school, me and my colleagues had to write, as a homework for English class,  a short essay on the importance of traveling. I don’t exactly remember what my teacher thought of my homework or even what grade I got, but one of the few things I remember about that day is that more than 90% of my colleagues, including myself, used as an ending line, the following words: ‘Traveling broadens our horizons’. It sounded really smart at that time.

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