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Silvia Patriche is a writer interested in art, literature, how the brain works, studies in human behavior, and creativity. She discovered her passion for writing long before she studied Business IT. Silvia enjoys riding her bike, reading nonfiction books, and watching 80s cartoons.

Silvia Patriche’s work

She writes about culture, travelling, happiness ,current affairs, feminism, social media, consumer behaviorbooks, art, creativity, fitness, health, history, sustainability, fashion, movies, travelling product description, gamblingpopart and more.
Her writings have appeared in MI Magazine, 101zap, RomanianCopywriter and Sharp Eminence.

Since May 2016 Silvia Patriche is Inbound Certified by Hubspot Academy.

This blog will cover  some perks of working as a freelance writer and some essays that found no other home. She will write a book review from time to time, mostly nonfiction. For Silvia simplicity is essential in everything. The blog will be bilingual, English and Romanian. 

Acesta e un loc în care îmi scriu ideile, gândurile și recenziile de tot felul în română și engleză. Citesc, biciclesc, mă informez. Îmi place albastrul lui Picasso, abstracționismul lui Kandinsky și combinația de culori a lui Klimt. Sunt fascinată de lucrările lui Velázquez.

‘For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.’

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